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"Patience and perseverance bring profits!!"

Returns are attractive on the stock exchange. But how important is it to wait for the perfect moment to get started

Anyone who thinks that the biggest price gains can be achieved by constantly buying and selling shares is wrong. At least that's what a study by Fidelity says. According to this, the best drivers are those who buy and last a long time.

It is often difficult to find the right time to make changes. For the long-term accumulation of wealth, however, it is not at all important when you enter a share on the stock exchange.

When it comes to your own invested money, it is often difficult to be patient - especially when the stock markets are going down. It is important to remain calm and not to panic.

Reduce the yield with daily "in and out"?

Some equity investors react to price fluctuations with hectic buy and sell orders. “The result of this broker syndrome”: Expenses are high and net income drops significantly. Back and forth makes pockets empty and not to forget the compound interest effect.


If you want to successfully invest your money in order to build up wealth, you need three essential requirements.

  • Awareness of the opportunities and risks of an investment: How to avoid losses.

  • A strategy for selecting the best investments: You can use this to search specifically for suitable investments.

  • Patience and time: How to survive price fluctuations.

The best thing to do is to start implementing the tips right away and start accumulating your wealth. The earlier the better.

Best regards

Your Thomas from RockInvestment

Please note the Disclaimer!! The instruments mentioned here do not constitute investment advice and are not an invitation to buy or sell securities!! Risk warning: “Trading in financial products is subject to risk. You can lose your invested capital.” It can also happen that the author himself is directly or indirectly invested in his own wikifolio as well as in individual values ​​contained in the wikifolios and in this respect benefits from the implementation of a trading idea.



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