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We at RockInvestment are here for you! 

The world is changing fast. While traditional investors seek safety in benchmarks and passive strategies, at RockInvestment we believe that this behavior is counterproductive. Innovation is disrupting and the risks associated with the traditional world order are increasing. We strive to invest at the pace of innovation.

You would like to invest in the stock market, but do not have the time to deal with it in detail. Then you are exactly right with us.

The decisive advantage of RockInvestment:

The rising popularity of stocks is no coincidence. Most private investors will find that building wealth is very difficult and time consuming. You don't have the necessary time or desire to deal in detail  with stocks, then we can offer you our investment products an exciting alternative.

Our purpose is to help more and more people achieve financial well-being.




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Thomas Steindl

Thomas founded RockInvestment for two reasons: First, to focus solely on disruptive innovation, primarily in the public equity markets. Second, toto help more and more people achieve financial well-being.

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